Perpetua Expeditions was born with the aim to create tourism experiences that are more responsible with the growing need of sustainable solutions. We believe that this is achievable while discovering amazing destinations with respect to the environment and cultural/social authenticity. We have are commitment with the United Nations sustainable development goals.

Furthermore we trust that it is possible to create greater business value by combining the social, environmental and economic factors. Consequently we have established to invest at least 5% from our profit to sustainable projects and causes.

Environmental responsibility

From its origins, Perpetua Expeditions embraced environmental sustainability as a core value. We believe that travel can create a positive impact on our planet. Therefore, our company is committed to the conservation of the natural heritage and the protection of the Earth’s biodiversity
We contribute with local and international organizations to join forces in tackling global ecological challenges.

social responsibility

Our commitment extends to culture and society since our foundation. Years in tourism have shown us its capacity to build pride in local culture, promote cultural diversity, and preserve local cultures. Perpetua will complement this by helping local communities improve their quality of life. We aim at expanding this impact through partnerships with local and international organizations sharing the same goal as our company.  

At Perpetua Expeditions, we know your concern about the social and environmental footprint of your trip and will help you offset it. In order to do so, we have looked for social and environmental projects that have a direct impact on local communities and the environment. Furthermore, we want you to witness or experience the positive everlasting trace you leave with your trip. Consequently, we will be pleased to include a visit to one or more of the projects we support in your itinerary. You can find a list of our projects below. Contact us once you have read about them and have chosen the project of your choice.

This foundation is located in Quito and its main objective is to help less privileged children and their families. They focus on education, emotional and spiritual support.




Contribute to local families welfare


Interact with local children, restaurant visit, learn about local products


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