has everything you are looking for…and more, in a nutshell; the ideal destination for a life changing experience. 

  • One of seventeen megadiverse countries on earth. 
  • Experience any activity you can think of.
  • It has destinations and adventures for everyone.
  • Visit it all year long without extreme weather and with 12 hours of sunlight.
  • Destinations or activities are located within short distances  allowing  more time to enjoy and spend less time on a plane or a car.

…and do not forget that the Galapagos Islands are part to Ecuador!

ecuador's most popular experiences

We are Ecuador specialists, our team has the experience to help you plan the best program according to your interests, travel time and budget.  Ecuador’s diversity provides a wide range of tour options including the Galapagos, Andes, Amazon and Coast.  Different regions with different flora, fauna and cultures. 

Visit the famous Otavalo market with it’s handicrafts and colorful textiles, experience the amazing colonial art in Quito and Cuenca, hike beautiful snow covered mountains and green landscapes through the Andes, explore one of the numerous natural reserves full of wildlife and nature encounters. 

Perpetua Expeditions has handpicked the best experiences in Ecuador. We can tailor any of our itineraries to your needs. We can design your own itinerary no matter the length of your holiday. Keep in mind that your Ecuador itinerary can also be combined with neighbouring countries such as Peru, Colombia and Bolivia. These itineraries are examples to inspire you:

4 - 5 day amazon tour

Discover the wonderful Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador. La Selva Ecolodge and Spa is the ideal place to enjoy flora, fauna and the local culture.

FROM USD $1450

4 - 8 day galapagos tours

Cruise the Enchanted Galapagos Islands. A unique place on earth. This expeditions is a ful of natural encounters with amazing wildlife

FROM USD $1450

8 Highlight of ecuador

Amaze yourself during this program. Travelling through the Andes, discovering the local culture and landscapes and constrasts between the highlands and the coast of Ecuador

FROM USD $1450

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Hourseback Riding


Relax and let Perpetua’s team do the magic. No matter whether you want to discover all the natural wonders of Ecuador, are looking for a hiking program, prefer a wellness program to sit back and enjoy the fascinating sound of nature, or wish a mix of them, we will create an experience for you. Are you traveling alone or is this a multigenerational trip? Let us design a journey that meets everyone’s interests and favorite activities. 

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