Located in the Quito colonial district, Casa Victoria helps low income children from the traditional San Roque Neighborhood. We offer them academic, intelectual, emotional, and especially spiritual support. Furthermore, we make parents aware of domestic violence and prevention from alcohol abuse.

Experience this project

Learn more about this beautiful project while visiting the old town of Quito. You will have a chance to share some time with Casa Victoria’s founders and learn about its impact and about the local culture.


Traveling with Perpetua Expeditions gives a purpose to your trips. Supporting Casa Victoria contributes to one of the poorest neighborhoods in Quito, helping local kids and families in need. As you book a tour with Perpetua Expeditions, you will help us:

  • Fight poverty
  • Fight hunger
  • Improve health
  • Quality education
  • Reduce inequalities
  • Partner with a local project to meet Sustainable Development Goals


As you include a tour of Quito in your itinerary, you can decide whether to experience Casa Victoria or not. What is certain is Perpetua Expeditions’  automatic  contribution to the project. We have a close relationship with Mrs. Alicia Durán Ballén and the complete Casa Victoria’s team, and they keep us informed about the house needs to continue to support children.


The economic situation has affected donors, resulting in a drop in a contribution to Casa Victoria, putting this project’s support to local communities in a traditional neighborhood of the city at risk. Booking a city tour or any other activity in Quito with Perpetua Expeditions enables us to help Casa Victoria’s economy and allows this wonderful project to continue nourishing and educating children to build a better future in the community

What will you experience as you visit Casa Victoria

  • Discover a patrimonial house
  • Meet local kids
  • Learn about this project
  • Learn about the local culture
  • Enjoy a delicious snack prepared with local products


Relax and let Perpetua’s team do the magic. No matter whether you want to discover all the natural wonders of Ecuador, are looking for a hiking program, prefer a wellness program to sit back and enjoy the fascinating sound of nature, or wish a mix of them, we will create an experience for you. Are you traveling alone or is this a multigenerational trip? Let us design a journey that meets everyone’s interests and favorite activities. 

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