Highlights and Off the beaten path

Ecuador is the ideal destination if you want to avoid over crowded sites. Despite its natural and cultural richness, Ecuador does not have an excessive number of visitors. Those visiting the country usually experience its highlights and miss hidden natural and cultural treasures. At Perpetua, we will include Ecuador’s highlights as they are a must due to their beauty and authenticity. Nevertheless, we will combine them with Ecuador’s fascinating off-the-beaten-path sites that our team has discovered. Below, you can learn more about Ecuador’s highlights and off-the-beaten-path destinations.



Relax and let Perpetua’s team do the magic. No matter whether you want to discover all the natural wonders of Ecuador, are looking for a hiking program, prefer a wellness program to sit back and enjoy the fascinating sound of nature, or wish a mix of them, we will create an experience for you. Are you traveling alone or is this a multigenerational trip? Let us design a journey that meets everyone’s interests and favorite activities. 

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