Perpetua knows every cruise in the Galapagos Islands, their style, their comfort, their itineraries, their advantages and disadvantages, and more. This expertise enables our team to find the perfect match for a life-changing experience in the Enchanted Islands, taking into consideration your travel group, your travel style, your personality, your interests, and everything you let us know about yourself.

You can find a list of all cruises we have handpicked for our clients based on their service, their guides, their itineraries, and comfort to meet your demand. Please, take a look at these options and let us know if you have questions or comments about them. Otherwise, relax, save time, and take advantage of our experience. Let us find the perfect Galapagos cruise for your



Perpetua’s team has the perfect mix of expertise, passion, and commitment to design a life-changing experience for you. Our hand-crafted luxury programs will not only include unforgettable destinations, thrilling adventures, and time to immerse in local culture but also the opportunity to make an impact in local communities and on the environment. You will be able to witness this impact by experiencing the social and environmental projects we support in your itinerary.


Relax and let Perpetua’s team do the magic. No matter whether you want to discover all the natural wonders of Ecuador, are looking for a hiking program, prefer a wellness program to sit back and enjoy the fascinating sound of nature, or wish a mix of them, we will create an experience for you. Are you traveling alone or is this a multigenerational trip? Let us design a journey that meets everyone’s interests and favorite activities. 

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