BALTRA (South Seymour)

Baltra Island hosts the Galapagos Islands’ main airport and is located in the Center of the Archipelago. It remained unnoticed until the 1930s when the US Government chose it as the location for an air base. After the Second World War, the Ecuadorian Government took control and converted the base into a civil airport. In 1963, the first commercial flight to the Galápagos landed on Baltra Island.

Even though Baltra is not considered a visitor’s site, friendly species, including land iguanas and Galapagos Finches will welcome you to the Enchanted Islands.

Highlights and Wildlife: Most important entry point to the Galapagos Islands, Land iguanas, Galapagos Finches, sea lions.

Landing: Dry landing

Activities: Meeting your cruise or hotel representative

Activity Difficulty: Walking: Easy

Total Area: 8 mi2/ 21 km2

Population: 0 (uninhabited)

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