SANTA FE (Barrington)

One of the oldest islands in the Galapagos, with 3.9 million years, Santa Fe is located in the southwest of Santa Cruz Island. This island is product of a layer uplift, that is the reason why it has a flat surface. The vegetation of this island is mainly a dense forest of the largest giant Opuntia cactus specie.

Due to the age of this island, there are several endemic species. The Santa Fe Land Iguana, the Santa Fe Rice Rat, Santa Fe lizard, Santa Fe mockingbird


Santa Fe is surrounded by a beautiful bay with a turquoise lagoon. It has a barrier of rocks surrounding the bay where a colony of sea lions can be seen resting and surfing around.  This site has two visitor trails, one around the beach and another that climbs a cliff. Both offer great opportunities to observe different species, frigates, hawks, herons, crabs.

Highlights and Wildlife: Beautiful coves, endemic species, giant cactus. Land and marine iguanas, frigate birds, blue footed boogies, sea lions, hawks, rays, sharks.

Landing: Dry landing

Activities: Hike, snorkeling.

Activity Difficulty:

  • Walking: Moderate/difficult
  • Snorkeling: Moderate (Deep water)

Total Area: 24 km2/9.3 mi2

Population: Uninhabited

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