Located in the Northwestern corner of the Galapagos Island, Darwin Island is one of the most famous dive sites in the Enchanted islands, along with the nearby Wolf Island, due to their stunning marine wildlife diversity. Both islands are only included in liveaboard diving cruises. Consequently, it does not have any landing sites. Its most important dive site is Darwin’s Arch with its fascinating underwater world.

In addition, this arch was a Galapagos’ landmark because of its naturally formed form, before collapsing in May 2021.

Highlights and Wildlife: Iconic landscape, Whale Sharks, Hammerheads, silky sharks and Galapagos sharks, sea turtles, Creolefish, Jacks, Moorish idols, Trumpetfish, Cornetfish, Parrotfish, Flounders, Rainbow Chub, and Moray eels.

Landing: No landing sites

Activities: Diving

Activity Difficulty: Diving: Difficult

Total Area: 0.9 mi2/ 1.45 km2

Population: 0 (uninhabited)

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